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ifshecanyoucan's podcast

May 5, 2021

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a blogger?  In this episode we answer all that and more with New England Life and Style blogger, Caitlin Houston.  Caitlin was my mentor when I entered the blogging world!  I love her story because Caitlin started off as an elementary school teacher and after she became a mom she decided to follow her dreams and pursue blogging.  It took a lot of guts, trial, and error but Caitlin has found a ton of success and tells us all about It in this episode.

Here is what Caitlin has to say, 

"Hi I'm Caitlin Houston, a Connecticut native, wife and Mom of two girls, lover of magic, dancing, and being alive.  I consider myself both a storyteller and a content creator, writing honest posts about the life and style of a Mom from New England.  On Caitlin Houston Blog you can find a mixture of raw truth and comic relief as I cover everything from mental health to motherhood struggles to putting together outfits to random recipes I make for dinner.  My love of writing stems from a background in English literature.  My desire to teach/connect/inspire others is derived from the years I spent as an elementary school teacher.  My main goal in life is to teach my daughters self-love and to always share the ways I find peace in the chaos of life- one kitchen dance party at a time."

You can find Caitlin at...




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